Thermometer Food 50-280 Degrees

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Temperature range: 50~280 Celsius
Accuracy: ± 2 Celsius
Specification: 7*4*9.2cm
Net weight: 52g Packing: bubble bag
Uses: measuring the temperature inside the oven
Before turn the oven on, put the thermometer in the oven until proper place to start preheating the oven, according to the thermometer display, adjust the oven temperature setting.
Thermometer stainless steel shell has a little minor scratches.
When the oven the sliding door open or close will affect the oven heat output, it will affect the thermometer readings.
After preheating achieve the desired temperature, put food ingredient or bakeware into the oven which at room temperature state, the thermometer will briefly display the oven temperature drops, and then back to normal.



Oven Thermometer 0

Use full stainless steel material case, have good compressive resistance.
Dial frosted texture, bold scale text, pointer orange and bright, the overall tilt Angle, easy reading.

Oven Thermometer 2

Air holes in behind, more accurate and effective scale change.

Oven Thermometer 3

At the bottom can be put on the baking pan in the oven, or hanging on the edge of the oven.

Oven Thermometer 4

The thermometer in the process of preheating, pointer display 100 C.

Oven Thermometer 5