Smart heart rate Bracelet

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1. Motion Steps

Calculate the number of moving steps, walking time, mileage as well as calories.

2. Blood oxygen and Blood Pressure monitor

Monitor your Blood oxygen and Blood Pressure, know more about your body.

3. Heart rate monitor

It can monitor the user\'s blood pressure but please keep your wrist and heart in the same height when testing blood pressure.

4. Sleep monitoring

Monitor the quality of sleep every day accurately, calculate the time length of deep sleep and light sleep.

5. Sedentary Reminder

Set the sunction in the App, the device will remind when the set time is up.

6. Call reminder

The device will vibrate and the screen shows numbers or names when there is an incoming call. Press Bracelet touch button for a long time, you can hang up the phone.

7. Message reminder

When a new message arrives, the device vibrates and the screen shows relevant notifications and corresponding icons.

8. Alarm clock

Three clocks can be set, you will not miss something important.

9. Remote control camera

You can take pictures through toughing the screen of the bracelet.

10. Find my device

When you press the icon in the wristband, your phone will remind you.

11. IP67 waterproof

Sweat proof, rain proof, water drop proof, do not wear it while diving.

12. Multiple colors can be selected

Five colors straps you can choose.

13. Units setting

Metric / Imperial system can be available.

14. Time format

12 hour system/24 hour system can be chosen from the range.



Basic Information

Brand Diggro

Model DB-01

Color Black,white,red,purple,blue

Case Material Zinc alloy

Wristband Material Silica gel

Screen Material Color OLED

Charge USB

Host Weight 46g

Standby Time About 15 days

Working Time About 5-7 days

Charging Time About 2 hours


Technology Information

Chip NRF52832

Bluetooth VER4.0

Screen Size 0.95 inch

Screen Pixels 96*64 Pixels

FLASH memory 64K(Flash 512K)

G-Sensor Support

Water resistant IP67

Battery type Lithium battery

Capacity 105mAh

Language Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian

APP iwear

APP Language Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian

Products 1 x Diggro DB-01 Smart Bracelet

1 x User Manual

1x Charging Cable


Q1: How does the bracelet connect to Bluetooth?

A: Search the name of bluetooth via the APP, click on the product model and connecting.


Q2: How to set the sleep mode?

A: Wear the wristband while you sleep, and then check your sleep data on the APP.


Q3:Can I change the strap of the smartbracelet?

A: Please use a professional tool to replace the strap.


Q4: Does the smart Bracelet can support iphone or Android phone?

A: It supports Android system 4.4 version or above, iOS system 8.0 version or above.


Q5: Is it waterproof ? Can I wear it to swim?

A: IP67 waterproof but do not soak the device, or wear it while swimming, diving, or taking a hot bath.


Q6: What’s the app’s name of this smart band?

A: iwear


Q7: What function can i use after connect bluetooth?

A: All functions of the bracelet can be used, such as call reminder, remote camera,anti-lost and more.


Q8: How much time does this bracelet need to be charged?

A: About 2 hours.


Q9: How much time does it can be worked after fully charged?

A: Standby time is about 15 days, working time is about 5-7 days.


Q10: Why is there no electricity so quickly

A: Please check whether the battery is full of electricity, and whether to open up the lifting screen function or open too many applications.


Q11: Why need to use after charging

A: Because the bracelet is transported long in the process of shipment, there may be consumption of battery power, it is recommended to use it after full charging.


1. Support System:Android system 4.4 version or above;iOS system 8.0 version or above; Support Bluetooth with 4.0 version.

2. Do not soak the device, or wear it while swimming, diving, or taking a hot bath.

3. Data from the device can not be used as medical reference.X9-pro_02X9-pro_03X9-pro_04X9-pro_05X9-pro_06X9-pro_07X9-pro_08X9-pro_09X9-pro_10X9-pro_11X9-pro_12X9-pro_13X9-pro_14X9-pro_1581234567