Skiing Helmet EPS Integrally-molded

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Name: Ski Helmet

Gender: Men,Women,Child 

Type: Ultralight Integrally-molded

Material:Outside: PC,inside:EPS,PU foam,nylon adjust belt

Unicase technology ,more safe and perfect

Impact protection:

Ventilation,use air cooling make the air free

Anatomic design , senior double-sided velvet protection pad

Easy to use,with magic buckle connection

Storage advice :

Do not stored in damp environment, near where the heat source or directly in light, helmet for dry processing, suggest using canvas package for storage.

Size: M:55-58CM, L:58-61CM, XL:61-63CM

Size correct measurement method:

Remove the rope,starting from the hair root measurement ,through the head after the test point 2 cm below ,around the first lap ,reserved 1-2 cm ear width,including hair . Finally measure the length of the rope .

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