Magic Hair Comb Brush Antistatic Detangling Massage

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The full range of comb to massage the scalp, the scalp to promote blood circulation.

1, the use of imported high temperature nylon needle (high temperature, anti-static) to ensure that no deformation, so that hair stylist hair smoother and more smooth! Elastic nylon comb, easily tightly rolled hair, combing hair and enhance hair elasticity;
2, Aluminum plated porcelain can will be hair dryer hot air instantaneous transfer, to achieve the effect of internal and external heating, the hole in the tube can fast heat distribution, the aluminum pipe is heated evenly, shorten time of hair styling, so as not to damage the hair.
3, handle using imported rubber, the effective anti slip, conform to the feel, the use of more satisfactory.
4,The tail is a magnet that can be placed in a position of iron. and it is more space to be saved.
Size: 250X25mm / 250X32mm / 250X45mm / 250X53mm



1* Hair Comb