M1250 Computer Speaker Anti-Magnetic Force USB Power Supply

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Amplifier power output: RMS 0.6W X 2
Signal to noise ratio: ≥80dBA
Input socket: 3.5mm Stereo Line-in
Input impedance: 10Kohm
Input sensitivity: 250mV±50mV
Full-range unit: Magnetically shielded, (50mm X 90mm), 4ohm
Dimensions: Powered speaker : 68(W) X 166(H) X 94(D)mm
Passive speaker: 68(W) X 166(H) X 86(D)mm
Weight: About 0.55 Kg

Small elevation design, Anti-Magnetic Force USB Power Supply

M1250\'s components are magnetically shielded to provide an uninterrupted listening experience.

Small elevation design, more suitable for near sound field to listen.

Weighing only 550 grams, offers unmatched portability and performance.




Save more destop place, Front 3.5MM plug Support connect to other devices

M1250 W * H * D = 68 * 166 * 94 , Save more desktop place than you think.

Small but good sound quality, rotary knob easily control 2.0 speaker system.

3.5MM plug support connect to other device from the front plug.







The small body include more fuction

1. Power indicator

2. Power switch: press in for "ON", and out for "OFF"

3. Headphone jack ; 4. Master volume control ;

5. USB connector ; 6. 3.5mm connector for audio input

7. Audio connecting cable between speakers





FAQ For M1250

1. Not all speakers function

Please first check if the speaker wires are connected securely;
then check if the Line-in connectors are reversed; check also if the audio source is at fault.

2. One satellite speaker does not function when playing CD from computer

This kind of phenomena is prone to happen on new computer systems that one satellite does not function when playing CD, but system works fine when playing WAV formatted files.

This is mainly due to the fault connection of CD-ROM and sound card, that one channel of signal is shorted to the ground.

Please refer to the manual of CD-ROM and sound card to adjust the wire connection.


3. System does not work at all

1. Please check if power is connected, and if the wall outlet is switched on.
2. Please check if the amplifier is still in STBY mode
3. Please check if the master volume is turned to minimum
4. Please check if the audio input cable is connected correctly
5. Please check if there is signal from audio source


4. Noise coming from speakers

Amplifier circuitry of this product generates little noise, while the background noise of some VCD/DVD player or computer sound card are too high.

Please keep the system in active mode and remove the audio source, if no sound can be heard at 1 meter away from the system, then there is no problem with this product.


5. Magnetic interference

This system is complete magnetically shielded, and can be placed near TV or monitor. But since magnet of the subwoofer driver is large, some magnetism leakage is inevitable when the system is too close to the monitor,
and it is recommended to keep a 1 meter distance between the speaker system and monitor or TV set.