Hair Loss care product

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Product name: jishengtang hair nutrition and care anti - hair loss solution 
Specification: 30ml
Effects: The product is composed of various herbal hair - nourishing ingredients to repair and nourish scalp and hair root and promote hair growth by effectively permeating to hair root so as to prevent hair loss and make hair grow
Ingredients: Ethanol (80%), angelica sinensis extract, polygonum multi-florum extract, cacumen biotae extract, water, propylene glycol, polidimethylsiloxane, laurane azone, hydrolyzed wheat protein and essence
Shelf life: 3 years 
Aplicable Scope: All Kinds of hair loss problems 
Caution: The product is for external use. Do not take it orally. keep it out of reach of infants, and avoid making it enter eyes during usage.
Healthcare and hair care: Nourish hair, dredge blood vessel, stop hair loss and expel scalp toxin.
The product can repair damaged hair follicles, revitaliz cells, strengthen hair root growing environment, supplement the nutrition for scalp and hair roots, accelerate the growth of hair follicle roots and make hair firm and strong