Convenient Plastic Prawn Peeler

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Peel Shrimp Tool is made of high duty plastic material,durable;
Fast and convenient for prawn lovers to eat prawn;
Practical kitchen tools.

Material : Plastic ABS

Size : 9.5×20×1.3cm
Color : Red
The prawn peeler is a quicky and functional tool for de-veining and peeling prawns.
How to use the Peel Shrimp Tool ?
1. Remove the head by hand,insert tip for clearner peeler between shell and prawn meat;
2.Slide peawn onto clearner peeler until fully extended;
3.Close handle to spilt shell and expose prawn meat,wash prawn for cooking or eating.
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Peel Shrimp Tool

Peel Shrimp Tool 2
Peel Shrimp Tool
Peel shrimp tools