Affiliation Program

An affiliate promotes E-BestMall and its products on external websites by posting an affiliate URL. You will receive a commission on each order the customer places within 15 days after clicking on your link.
If someone visits E-BestMall through your affiliate link and makes a purchase, you will receive 10-20% tiered commission on that sale. Commissions can be exchanged for cash paid via PayPal or Bank transfer 

Membership level & commission ratio


Membership level Commission ratio Cash corresponding amount Total amount of sales (USD)
Ordinary member 10% $10 per $100 in referrals 4000 
Silver member 12% $12 per $100 in referrals 4000-10,000
Golden member 14% $14 per $100 in referrals 10,000-20,000
Diamond Member 20% $20 per $100 in referrals >20,000

If you made more than $ 20,000 .Contact us at You will have a personalized offer 

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