What Not To Wear To a Job Interview

What Not To Wear To a Job Interview

It’s true that a job interview reflects on your skills, abilities and achievements but presenting yourself in an appropriate light is crucial. As common practice interviewers have started deploying psychologists in their interview panel to asses a potential employee's personality and traits.

You cannot alter your personality for just one interview, that’s something we all know is impossible and ridiculous. But here is the trick, wearing the right kind of outfit for your position of responsibility will increase your chances of getting selected.

Conservative formal outfits are the ones opted by all most everyone, even though it works well for most interviews certain positions of responsibility may require you to think differently. Creative job openings prefer people with out of the box thinking, so you need to work accordingly and prevent yourself from wearing an outfit which is too predictable and boring. For instance, ditch your black blazer for a while and try something in navy blue, even the little changes set you apart from the rest of the candidates.

We have compiled a list of red flags, for you to watch out for and ace your first interview.

  • Say no to dirty clothes

Employers are always on the lookout for smart and disciplined employees. So dirty or wrinkled clothes may cost you your job opportunity as they give your employer a wrong impression about yourself. Whatever you wear make sure it’s crisp and clean and you are good to go.

  • Avoid flip-flops and sneakers

Flip-flops are way too casual for any job interview. Your employer expects you to show some dedication while dressing up and therefore flip-flops are a big NO for an interview.

On the other hand, sneakers are sporty which does not compliment the theme of a job interview. But please do take note, if you are being interviewed for the position of a coach or physical education teacher sports shoes will do fine. Just make sure that your footwear compliments the theme of your job profile.

  • Do not opt for fake branded clothes

We all desire those trendy and classic designer bags, clothes and footwear but in reality, these items are way too expensive to be bought for the sole purpose of an interview. Please refrain yourself from getting the dupes of these luxury items as you may come across as being cheap and substandard.

  • Wear appropriate colors

The color you choose will directly reflect your personality and therefore we advise you to choose the colors of your outfit carefully. Pick neutral colors over bright colors as an understated color will definitely give you a more professional look. You can add a bright component to your attire but remember to balance it out with the rest of the outfit. A bright element will convey your leadership skills and therefore managerial candidates can use this to their benefit. Otherwise opt for black, navy blue, brown and grey for a safe formal attire.

  • Don’t go bold with your makeup

A clean, fresh and focused face is expected when it comes to job interviews and therefore we advise you to avoid bright lipsticks and eyeshadows at work. Do not worry much about your makeup as you don't need to look pretty, it's just about a fresh face.

  • Don't show your undergarments

Do not wear a low rise trouser or see-through blouse to your interview. Avoid flashing any part of your undergarment until and unless it complements your job profile. Traditional job interviews have a conservative theme and this is looked down upon as indecency.

  • Don’t wear a very strong fragrance

Do not wear a very strong fragrance to your job interview as this might trigger a negative response in your interviewer. Who knows maybe his ex-girlfriend used the same fragrance as yours? But for you, it's best to stick to subtle perfumes rather than overpowering deodorants.

These are just a few red-flags you must avoid to ace your job interview. But always remember that following these points alone won’t help you land your dream job. Hard work is the key to success and no matter how well dressed you are, if you don’t have the required skillset of a position, you don’t get the job.

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