Must Have Fashion Footwear Items For Women

Must Have Fashion Footwear Items For Women

Fashion is raging and so is footwear, even a simple and plain outfit turns classic and timeless when paired with the perfect footwear. Time and again, chart-busters all across the globe have reminded us of the mighty red-bottom heels that sweep men off their feet. Amp up your fashion game by investing in some pairs of good quality footwear.

Scientifically speaking many psychologists believe, when you meet new people, they tend to notice your shoes before anything else. So even if you have the most expensive designer wear outfits and pair them up with cheap or dirty shoes, your style quotient will be crashing down to a zero.

Fret not even if you do believe your current favorite footwear doesn't fit the fashion bill as we are here with the list of trending footwear that you can wear this season.

  1. Pumps:

Prep-up to look timeless this season with your perfect pair of pumps. These shoes are sure to steal the show with their classic yet minimalistic appearance. Pumps are available in flats as well as heels but we specifically suggest you to go with the pencil heel pumps as they add a dash of feminity to your outfit. These shoes are your best friend when it comes down to versatility, a plain pair of pink toned pumps are perfect for your date night and also complement formal skirts and dresses.

  1. Stilettos

Stilettos are a must for any woman you wants to be the center of attention in any party. These shoes are best for parties and special occasions as they are sure to make a bold statement. If your style is fearless and bold then surely these shoes will add a lot more drama to your appearance. Experiment with the popular red-bottom stilettos or opt for a neutral one to enjoy your fair share of the limelight.

  1. Flats

Chic, trendy and comfy shoes to suit the bill of everyday fashion. These shoes are great as they make you look cool and not like you tried really hard to look good if you know what we mean! Again people who think flats are boring need to reconsider as they options are endless when it comes to flats. Simple leather sandals to chic loafers and boho tie-ups all come under the banner of flats. Go try your pair of super comfies now!

  1. Sneakers

Be the high school heartthrob with a pair of sneakers. Look sporty, trendy and super-fit in your pair of sneakers. These shoes will automatically make you feel like indulging in sports and fitness activities. Take a break from your busy schedule and indulge yourself in a pair of sneakers.

  1. Boots

Look like a million dollars in a pair of good quality boots. These versatile shoes can save you from looking dull and boring, they look effortlessly fashionable and stunning with dresses, jeans, jumpers, rompers and possibly everything. Again boots are available in heels and flats but we recommend you to go for the pencil heel boots for a trendier look. Boots come in a lot of lengths from ankle length to knee length and thigh length. Ankle length boots are popular as they can any paired with almost everything, but thigh length boots only suit shorter outfits or otherwise tend to look really clumsy. If you are someone who is on a budget and it's unlikely for you to invest in multiple pairs on boots we suggest you opt for knee length boots as they offer versatility without you having to compromise on the length. 

We have curated this list keeping in mind the various requirements and outfits that are popular and in-trend right now. We suggest you have these footwear items in your closet to achieve that glamorous fashion diva effect. Now we suggest you have all of these because wearing the same kind of shoe every day will set a boredom factor in your appearance and reduce your style quotient. But still, we recommend you to look into your comfort first while investing in your shoes as nothing looks worse than a pair of ill-fitted footwear. Do not buy tons of cheap footwear as they don't just harm your foot on a longer basis but also rip your outfit apart as they make you look cheap.

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