How to Have Pretty Lips: 10 Tips for Sexy Lips |

How to Have Pretty Lips: 10 Tips for Sexy Lips |

What to do:

1/ Brush your lips – Yes, brush your lips every day. Take a soft toothbrush, and then rub your lips gently with it for a minute. It’s a vital thing to care of lip at house cause brushing lips are helpful to dismiss dry and dead skin cells from the lip & does it look much fresh, healthy & bright. This is one of the best easiest lip care idea


2/ Scrub your Lips – Unlike face, lips are also needed exfoliation because it is also helpful in removing dead skin cells and give your lips a natural pink color & shine. For scrubbing your lips, just mix some sugar with either some honey or olive oil. Apply the mixture on the lips and rub gently for a couple of minutes before wash it off. Do scrubbing once in a week for proper lip care.


3/ Moisturize lips – Other vital tasks to look after lip is moisturizing especially after scrubbing. Apply either petroleum jelly or alcohol-free lip balm on your lips at least twice in a day because moisturizing makes lips soft, smooth, supple and nourished.


4/ Cleanup makeup from lip prior going to the bed – Cleaning makeup from the lip is an obvious thing to do for lip care cause sleeping with makeup on is subject for making lips drier and darker. Therefore, every time remove lip makeup by using a good lip makeup remover prior to going to sleep. Alternatively, if you want to remove lip makeup naturally, and then use either almond oil or olive oil instead of using lip makeup remover.


5/ Remain hydrated – At last, for caring lip, every time remain hydrated. Drinking sufficient water in a day is a most vital task to do to hydrate body, skin & lips because of water responsible for removing toxins from our body. Back to lips, dehydration makes your lips dry, chapped & cracked, so it highly recommends drinking at least 8 – 10 glasses of water in every day.


What not to do:


6/ Don’t lick your lips ever – Whenever lip feels dry person begins licking the lips but in reality, it makes the lips drier and drier. So don’t lick your lips ever, when you feel dryness on your lips. Either drinks few sips of water or attach little lip balm/petroleum jelly on lips. Use The best easiest lip care idea.


7/ Don’t bite lips – Biting lip is a big no-no. Never bite your lips because it makes your lips chapped & cracked. Biting is also responsible for damaging your sensitive lips. So, do not bite your lips ever.


8/ Quit smoking – Smoking is not only harmful to health, body, and skin but also bad for lips. Smoking gives your wrinkles and makes the lips darker in color. If you are conscious about your health & beauty, then quit smoking as soon as possible.


9/ Reduce intake caffeine – Intake too much caffeine is against the lip care rule because tea, coffee even alcohol are the primary reason to gives you darker and dull looking lips. Minimize take caffeine as much as possible for your lips sake.


10/ Protect lips from sun rays – if you want to do lip care then, you have to protect your lips from sun rays because sun rays make lips dry, pigmented & dark. You must use lip balm/lip moisturizer with SPF 30 or above, whenever you step out in sun time.

This Easy lip care idea makes your lips more beautiful and attractive


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