5 Hair Care Tips To Tame The Mane

5 Hair Care Tips To Tame The Mane

The right hairstyle can make or break your looks, but it’s no easy job to achieve that flamboyant hairstyle of your dreams. Textures come into play and create the canvas for a perfect hairstyle making hair care an integral part of your daily routine. Attaining the perfect texture for your hair no longer requires daily visits to the salon or spa. 

The secret to improving your hair texture lies in the key step of identifying your hair problems. If you are someone who desires long and luscious hair you must combat hair fall and dandruff as your initial goals, later you can build up your regime to achieve smooth and voluminous hair.

Frizzy hair requires special attention as it prevents any hairstyle from setting on its own. If you have unruly, unmanageable and limp hair, you can be sure that you have what is called Frizzy hair.

We have compiled a list of professional hair care tips to help you achieve salon style hair at the comfort of your home.

  1. Regular Oiling :

Oiling your hair every once in a while helps to reduce dandruff, hair fall, and dryness. This step will also ensure lustrous, smooth and soft hair without any harsh chemical treatment. The frequency of oiling hair varies according to your hair type, for oily hair weekly hair oiling should be enough whereas for severely dry hair oiling on alternate days can work wonders. 

  1. Use of essential oils:

Essential oils are highly concentrated oil extracts obtained from a variety of herbs, seeds and flowers. These highly concentrated oils are known for their potency towards treating various hair problems.  Select an essential oil based on your hair concern and mix it along with your regular oil or base oil for best results. These oils can also be mixed with shampoos, conditioners or hair masks for faster results.


  1. Selecting the right shampoo:

There are plenty of shampoos in the market to choose from, but it is of utmost importance to pick a shampoo that suits your hair. Shampoos can be broadly classified as with SLS or without SLS shampoos. Sodium Laureth Sulphate is a compound popularly known as SLS in the market. This compound is a cleansing agent used to remove oily residues present in your hair and scalp.

 People with dull, damaged and frizzy hair are always advised to opt for a shampoo that does not contain SLS as it can further dry out your hair and lead to breakage. On the other hand, people with an oily scalp cannot skin shampoos containing SLS completely, even though it is a harsh chemical agent used for cleansing.

  1. Replenish your hair with a conditioner:

Conditioners are known to lock moisture in your hair and prevent them from drying. Harsh environmental aggressors like sunrays, wind and heat are responsible for hair damage but your conditioner forms a protective film around your hair to prevent hair damage.

Different conditioners suit different hair problems and you must be careful enough to select the right one for your hair type. Otherwise, you can very well imagine the consequences if someone with an oily scalp uses a conditioner meant for hair dry, how sticky will that be?

  1. Restore your hair with a weekly hair mask:

Provide the right kind of nourishment to your hair follicles with a weekly hair mask. Unlike conditioners, hair masks are applied at the hair roots along with the hair lengths to ensure all-around nourishment. The thick consistency of a hair mask ensures a healthy mane and smoothing effect for your hair. Hair masks can be prepared at home or purchased, the latter ensures a hassle-free application along with perfect results.

A healthy balanced diet is crucial and without its implementation, no beauty trick shall ever work in your favor. Before getting into your hair care routine to ensure a healthy supply of nutrients to bid adieu to all hair woes.

Follow all the steps mentioned in this article religiously for best results. As these tips are home remedies and best practices please be patient with the results and do not forget to perform a patch test before using any new product.

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